metal carpentry


Cogi was founded in 1994, when the two brothers Pietro e Paolo Giuffredi decided to become members of the Company after having accumulated years of experience in the metal carpentry’s field In 2006 they moved into the new factory building in San Secondo, a facility with an area of 5000 Sqm. of which 1500 are covered. In 2012 Paolo’s son, Nicola Giuffredi joined also the staff.

  • Paolo and Nicola GiuffrediIn 2012 Paolo’s son, Nicola Giuffredi joined also the staff.
  • Shed warehouseThe company is divided into two departments, one for the stock of plates and bars...
  • Shed warehouse...and the manufacture of machine tools...
  • Shed installation…And the other intended for assembly, welding, assembly and warehouse of finished products.
  • WeldingCogi is synonymous with quality as its qualified personnel, where its welders are equipped with various licenses for welding, issued by TÙV, which are essential for many operations we carried out and supervised by specialized bodies.
  • OfficeCogi management consists of three high experienced people who take care of administration, respectively of orders and controls on production processes.
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